Evolution of the centenarian restaurants and taverns and their role in the restaurant industry today

The Association of Centenarian Restaurants and Taverns of Madrid, is comprised of 12 significant establishments that are an example in the management, sacrifice and continuous work, that is reflected in the individuality of each one of them.

The evolution of each of these establishments has remained constant throughout the decades. They have adapted to difficult situations such as crises and wars, their kitchens have evolved in each of the bygone times, remaining loyal to their tradition and their recipes. They have adapted their premises to modern times, meeting ever-changing regulations without losing their antiquity and substance and without eliminating the evidence of where past generations did their work, in spite of the difficulty that it entailed. It is much easier to tear it all down and start again, but no, these establishments have managed to adapt and remain in place, just as the original works of art that have managed to endure throughout time.

These premises have adapted, conquered fashions and exacting influences and have endured in time and in the memory of all Madrilenians. The evolution of Madrid’s cuisine can be studied from its origins in the recipes used at these establishments.

In these difficult times we see centenarian premises remaining a constant and continuing to be the most popular places to enjoy a good meal.

Nowadays old-fashioned cuisine, brought up to date, continues to be the most sought after for a good meal. We do not rely on the media, we like ‘word of mouth’ and we work consistently, as our previous generations did, to give our clients what they want to eat, a healthy and well-made meal.

When we want to eat a stew, tripe, a roast, ox-tail, a lamb shank, prawns, a good Spanish omelette, codfish, a chicken fricassee, etc. … who do we remember?