Collaboration agreements


  • A framework of co-operation between the Association of Centenarian Restaurants and Taverns of Madrid and the Academy of Gastronomy of Madrid to promote the cuisine of the region as a tourist product.
  • Collaboration Agreement between the Madrid Foundation for Excellence and the Association of Centenarian Restaurants and Taverns of Madrid.
  • Collaboration Agreement between the Hotel School of the Community of Madrid and the Association of Centenarian Restaurants and Taverns of Madrid to disclose and teach the skills from many years ago.
  • The sponsorship agreement with the century-old Madrilenian brewery company, Mahou.
  • Agreement to market wine in Madrid under the brand of the Association.
  • Agreements for collaboration with other hotel and business groups both in the Madrid region and nationally.
  • Grants and sponsorship by the City of Madrid (Commerce, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) for the production of different promotional materials.



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