Café Gijón

gijon1Café Gijón is a watering hole for titled people, artists, sculptors, journalists and actors… The common thread of café life at this establishment since it first opened its doors in 1888 is the tertulia, a lively discussion that generally arises as the patrons cast a critical eye on the current social, cultural and political scene. In May of 1988, Gumersindo Gómez, a son of the northern province of Asturias, came to Madrid and launched the Café Gijón, which has welcomed the intellectuals of Madrid since then. The establishment flourished under its founder, who was followed by Benigno López and his descendents and, from 1997, by Gregorio Escamilla Saceda. The trademark of Café Gijón has always been its intense cultural life, with daily tertulias (discussion groups). The “Café Gijón” prize (inspired by the actor Fernando Fernán Gómez), is awarded annually to a novel and was conceived here. The establishment continues to honour it and the municipal government of Gijón maintains this literary tradition today.

The “Café Gijón” prize (inspired by D. Fernando Fernán Gómez) is awarded annually to a novel and was conceived here

Open hours: De 7.00h a 1.00h. Abierto todos los dias.

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Phone: 91 521 54 25
Fax: 91 531 05 48 – 91 522 37 37

Address: Paseo de Recoletos, 21. 28004 Madrid

Café Gijón

Address: Paseo de Recoletos, 21. 28004 Madrid

Open hours: From 7.00h to 1.00h. Open all year.

Cuisine: Traditional – Asturian cuisine

Speciality: Roast meats, Asturian white bean stew and Basque-style hake.

Average price: 40€